Date: 5th– 7th Oct, 2018

Venue : The Raviz Resort, Kadavu, Kozhikode, Kerala



ACL Anatomy – whats new?

Paediatric ACL injuries  – when to treat and how?

Tibial spine avulsion injuries – techniques and results !

All inside ACL reconstruction – pros and cons

ACL repair – where are we now?

ACL with ALL – when and how?

Failed ACL reconstruction – clinical and radiologic evaluation

Revision ACL reconstruction – tips for success !

Fixation options in  ACL reconstruction – whats in, whats out?

Prehab and rehab after ACL surgery – current concepts

ACL injury – controversy and consensus !!


PCL – clinical anatomy and biomechanics

PCL injury : when is surgery warranted ?

PCL avulsions : when to treat and how?

Arthroscopic PCL reconstruction : ten commandments for success !

Revision PCl reconstruction – technique and results

Prehab and rehab after PCL surgery


Meniscal repair – tips and tricks

Meniscal ramp lesion – when and how to repair?

Meniscal root tear – when to treat and how?

How to do a nontraumatic menisectomy?

Radial and horizontal cleavage tears – technique and results

Post menisectomised young arthritic knee – options and results

Discoid meniscus injuries – current concepts in management

Rehab after meniscal repair- whats in whats out?

Corner injuries:

Acute MCL injury – role of surgical intervention !!

MCL and posteromedial structures : Anatomy and biomechanics simplified

Chronic posteromedial instability :  Clinical evaluation and management

Posterolateral corner of knee – clinical anatomy and biomechanics

PLC– what to look in clinical and  radiologic evaluation

Acute PLC injury – conservative or repair?

Chronic PLC injury – when to choose tibia vs fibula based reconstruction


Acute dislocated knee – conservative or surgical management?

Neglected multiligament injured knee – clinical and radiologic evaluation

Autograft options in MLKI

Tensioning sequence in multiple ligament knee Reconstruction – how and why?

Osteotomy  in MLKI management – Planning and execution

Cartilage Session:

Cartilage lesion – clinical and radiologic evaluation

Osteochondral fractures of  knee – when and how to treat?

Mosaicplasty, OATS, ACI – fact or fiction?


Patellofemoral instability – clinical and radiological evaluation

MPFL Reconstruction techniques– which one best for my patient?

Tibial tubercle osteotomy in Patellofemoral instability – when and how?

Trochlear dysplasia in Patellofemoral instability – how to manage ?

Anterior knee pain: Current Concepts in management

Patellofemoral instability – role of nonsurgical management


Ankle arthroscopy- indications,  Portal placement

Ankle instability- how I tackle it?

Calcaneoplasty- indic and arthroscopic treatment

Arthroscopic plantar fascia release- video

Posterior ankle impingement and os trigonum excision

Talar OCD-rationale for diagnosis and management

Anterior and posterior ankle impingement- understanding and treatment.

Tendoscopy- indications and application


Rotator Cuff :

Reparability of RC tears – how to predict clinically and radiologically ?

Articular and bursal tears – options and results

Single / double row repair – when and how ?

Transosseous RC repair – My preference

Subscapularis tear reapir – technique and results

Miniopen RC repair – technique and results

Nonsurgical options for RC tears – when and how ?

Massive RC tears in young – arthrocopic options and technique

Management of Irreparable cuff tear – options and results

Management of failed RC repair – options and results

Prehab and rehab for RC tears – what to do and what not?

Instability :

Which surgical technique suits my patient best ? Clinical & radiological evaluation !

A’scopic Bankart repair: ten tips for success

Hill Sachs lesion – when and how to treat

First time dislocator – options and results

Arthroscopic bony Bankart repair:  technique & results

Failed arthroscopic Bankart repair – approach and results

Open Latarjet: technique and complications

Arthroscopic laterjet – how I do it

Multidirectional instability – evaluation and management?

Posterior instability – indications and technique

Prehab and rehab for instability cases- what to do and what not?

AC Jt. / SLAP :

AC Joint arthritis: when and how to treat?

Chronic AC Joint dislocation: which technique to select?

Acute AC joint dislocation – options and technique

Which SLAP lesions need stabilization ? Clinical and radiological evaluation

Arthroscopic repair of SLAP – Technique and current status!

Miscellanous :

Calcifying tendonitis: Etio-pathogenesis, indications & technical tips for management

Frozen Shoulder: Treatment options and results

Spinoglenoid and suprascapular notch cyst – tips and tricks for arthroscopic decompression

Biceps lesions : when and how to do tenodesis

Biceps death – At, above or below the groove

Sub Acromial Decompression : why, when and how ?


Elbow anatomy in relation to elbow arthroscopy

Elbow arthroscopy :  portals and set up

Arthroscopic tennis elbow release – technique and results

Arthroscopic elbow contracture release

Distal biceps repair – when and how ?

Elbow arthroscopy – how to avoid complications?


Wrist  anatomy in relation to wrist arthroscopy

wrist arthroscopy :  portals and set up

TFCC repair : when and how?

Distal ulna resection


  1. Hip Arthroscopy- indications, portal placement & complications
  2. Arthroscopic manangement of Rim impingement
  3. Arthroscopic manangement of cam impingement
  4. Labral repair, debridement and stitch configurations
  5. Hip arthroscopy in extracapsular hip pathology

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